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Calling All Ruggers!

Ruggerfest 2020 is almost here Ruggerfest 2020 will be held February 13-16, at Mills Pond Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There will be an 8-team club division and a 4-team Old Boys/Masters (40+) division and a 4-team Old Boys/Masters (50+) division. A special tribute 55+ Old Boys/Masters all-star match will close the day on Saturday.   ... More

The 40th Annual Ruggerfest Finds an Unlikely Sponsor

Fort Lauderdale, FL. – January 11, 2016 – Why play in the cold? The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company’s Florida Region and Florida Atlantic Agency are proud to announce the title sponsorship of the 40th Annual Ruggerfest, held from February 19 – 21 at Mills Pond Park in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Penn Mutual will join Canterbury Rugby Gear, the City of ... More

Old Boys Rugby

Don't forget to join us at Ruggerfest. More

February 21 2016

TIME FIELD CAT # TEAMS 9:00AM  1 Club 21 Club Loser 9:00AM  2 35+  22 35+ Loser 9:00AM  3 10:00AM  1 45+  23 45+ Loser 10:00AM  2 Club  24 Club Loser 10:00AM  3 35+ 25 35+ 3rd / 4th 11:00AM  1 Club 26 Club Bowl 11:00AM  2 35+ 27 35+ Final 11:00AM  3... More

February 20 2016

TIME FIELD CAT # TEAM 1 TEAM 2 9:00AM  1 35+  1 KB Osotes Marine Old Breed 35+ 9:00AM  2 35+  2 Atlanta ORBS Tobacco Road 9:00AM  3 Club  3 Fox valley Okapi 10:00AM  1 Club  4 Santiago Lawn Tennis Virgin Islands 10:00AM  2 Club  5 Nassau Virginia Cardinals 10:00AM  3 Club ... More

February 19 2016

TIME FIELD CAT # TEAM 1 TEAM 2 3:00PM   45+   Virginia Cardinals Marine Old Breed 45+ 4:00PM   55+   Virginia Cardinals Myths & legends 5:00PM   45+   NOBS Okapi 45+   More

Santiago Lawn Tennis Club Rugby Joins Ruggerfest 2016

International Rugby competing at the 40th Annual Ruggerfest. Fort Lauderdale Ruggerfest is excited to announce the inclusion of a top-level club from Argentina that will enhance the quality and uniqueness of competition at the annual event.  Santiago Lawn Tennis Club will be traveling to Fort Lauderdale to participate in the 40th Ruggerfest taking place ... More

Ruggerfest 2016

The 40th Annual Ruggerfest will take place on February 19-21, 2016 at Mills Pond Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. More

39th Ruggerfest Showcase Match

Showcase match at the 39th Annual Fort Lauderdale Ruggerfest More

Gypsy Rugby joins Ruggerfest

We are excited to be hosting GYPSY RUGBY, INTERNATIONAL in three divisions of the tournament this year - premier, women and old boy. Below is a brief history, spotlighting this storied side. Gypsy Rugby, International: A legacy in the making. An idea: Gypsy Rugby was an concept that was framed early in 2004 by 7 individuals, many of which came from ... More